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Fedora 15 now available

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Rolling on IPv6

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sudo ip -6 addr add 2605:4500:xxxx:xxxx::yyyy/64 dev eth0

will work! (Remember to replace xxxx with your assigned IP block and yyyy with a natural number like ’6′ or ’123′)

Is it working?! Best way to check is to ping someone..

ping6 ipv6.google.com

if you get a response back then all is well, congratulations.

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The release of CentOS 6 was something we eagerly anticipated, not only because of its many new features and fixes, and fresh new packages, but also because it brings even more benefits to each and every one of us that love virtualization.

Here at 6sync we have been busy the last few weeks with testing, testing and some more testing of the new CentOS 6 release, and now that its finally announced by the CentOS team, we can’t be more happy and proud to offer you CentOS 6 image. CentOS 6 replaces CentOS 5 as the preferred deployment option if CentOS is your thing, but we will be supporting CentOS 5 in Biscuit for quite some time as well.

Some of the new features include ext4 (think, blazing fast performance), newer kernel, updated PHP and various other pieces of software that will make your life better, faster and more reliable.

We hope you will be enjoying this brand new CentOS release, and as always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us should you have any questions.

Network issue post-mortem

Unfortunately, the time has come where all of us had to go through the storm – after one year of flawless network operation, something cracked and we experienced downtime. This post serves as an explanation, and an apology on our part – rest assured we are doing everything in our power to prevent this from happening in the future.

Somewhere around 14:00 CET we received several notifications of servers and VMs going offline, and immediately assigned on the job technicians who started to troubleshoot the issue. Network access was fully restored 90 minutes later, after identifying and fixing the issue.

The downtime happened due to issues with a cable crossing patch panel in Equinix DC between our cage and meet-me-room. The problem was an unusual one, so it couldn’t be immediately identified. When the issue was discovered network access was restored immediately. The cable crossing will be reorganized to eliminate the single point of failure.

We believe it is important to mention that all VMs remained online during network outage.

We apologize for for any issues this might have caused to you, and we will be issuing SLA credits for this downtime during the week. Thank you for staying with us, we love having you here.

Tick-tack, the clock is ticking

So many things have happened since I have last talked with you through this medium we get to call “a blog”. And as we approach the middle of the month, I think its time to look at what we have accomplished so far, and all the happenings around us that we simply can’t ignore – yes, I am talking about Slicehost. Our 6baskets promotion is growing stronger each day, and many of you have chosen to give us your trust – we thank you for that, and are tirelessly working to impress you day after day. Probably one of the most important kickers to our promotion campaign has been Rackspace announcement on Slicehost closing the doors. Don’t get me wrong, we planned this promotion months ahead, but it turned out really great because a lot of Slicehost customers.

Of course, we invite everybody else, including other Slicehosters to join us and we will provide them with a comfortable home, with cozy pillows and all that fluff included. We will probably also cut your bills, and increase your performance. Not to mention that in most cases we will be able to automatically migrate you to your new residence. But this is not about us, this is about you – we want you to be happy, so come and talk to us. Even if we are not the right solution for you, we will help you find you something that will satisfy your needs.

Onto other things, together with you, our beloved clients, we have been planning on how to proceed with documentation, and I am glad to announce that we will soon start working on writing stuff that will be both useful and fun. We want you to help – if you know how to write english, know sysadmin and you are willing to work with us, poke me at mario@6sync.com. We will be giving away nice prizes in form of free month(s) for people who collaborate with us.

Oh, and for the first time in the 6sync history you guys spread the word about 6sync so far and wide that we are having some troubles satisfying the demand – so better hurry up if you want to get your server right now!

See ya around, its great knowing you all.

On 6 baskets, cookies and gifts

It is no secret that we are very proud of the service we provide to our customers. Indeed, I am often afraid to call the people with whom I communicate daily our customers, because I know their names, I know what they like, what games they play, or the editor they prefer. From twitter, to IRC and our (still underpopulated) forums we really try to show that we care for you in every possible way, and that you are in safe hands even if something goes wrong.

We know that you like us too, you’ve showed that numerous times with your comments, suggestions and constructive criticism, and other people are slowly starting to see the benefits of joining 6sync family because of you. Amazing performance, wicked cool management panel, support that really cares are just some of the superlatives you folks have given us, and we really appreciate it – we are here for you, because of you.

At 6sync we understand there are some people who have not yet found us or need some kind of incentive to join us. So we came up with a plan that will help our current clients, our future clients, and us: if you move  your servers to 6, and cancel the service with your current provider during the month we’ll give you the second month free. Yup, that’s right – free second month to ease the migration. We don’t care if  you  are currently on Slicehost, Linode, Webbynode, VPS.Net, EC2, or any other provider out there – we will welcome everyone who is not evil.

Remember, this offer is only valid during May so you better grab a chance and move your baskets to the most phenomenal cookies provider under the sun.

Teleportation, blue hats and other matters

It has been a long time since we actually posted something on this blog – time really flies when you are having fun, and with all the interaction going on we just didn’t have the time to write anything! But do not worry, behind the scenes our secret coding monkeys have been working hard to deliver you a new batch of awesomeness in the form of CentOS 5.6 template. Yes, that is right – starting today, you can deploy CentOS 5.6 biscuits that will appear in your cookie jar almost instantly.

If you have been running CentOS so far, goodness from 5.6 is only a “yum update” away.

But that is certainly not all – some weeks ago, we had our first (of many to come!) community meeting where we discussed a lot of nice things, and we really liked the feedback you gave us – you folks are made of pure awesome!

On to other matters, we have been giving away Portal2 for the last month and it is now time to announce the winners – please congratulate Barry Morrison and Shawn Hampton – we hope to see you in co-op soon! Sadly, we were not able to get Portal2 copies for all of our customers, but we hope to play with you online as well!

As we march forward into the dark, we could not be more grateful to each one of you. It is you that constantly drive us forward to rethink the way we do things and innovate, and the stories of our community, performance and support are becoming legendary.

‘Till next time, live long and prosper.

New frontiers

Few days ago we sent out a newsletter to every one of our clients that contained summary of the achievements we made together, plans for this year, and even introduced some perks for our customers. So while its definitely not the first announcement of this, allow me to introduce two very special initiatives that we’ve cooked up for you:

  • Spread the word and save
  • Client referrals scheme: 20% credit

We are sure you always wanted to tell your friends, and not-really-friends how you feel about 6sync on your blog, forums, skyscraper or whatever else tickles your fancy – so we came up with a great plan: if you do it, we will give you $5 as a token of appreciation. It can be good, bad, or ugly – we appreciate any kind of feedback, and for your effort and investment in our joint future, we will credit your account with $5. Not a lot, but can put a smile on someones face at times.

The second news is the most amazing clients referral scheme in existence today (no, not really – but its still cool!) – if you refer a friend, an enemy or an animal, they sign up for one of our existing VPS packages and they stay here for at least three months, you will get a rocking 20% credit based on their VPS plan – isn’t that just pure awesome?

For those of you using Biscuit, you can find your new unique “referral code” under your Client profile. So what are you waiting for? Spread the word already! :)

Note: Since a few of you have told us that our $5 initiative could be against rules of a certain forum, we would just like to say that we are in no way paying for reviews of our service – what we are doing is granting you a small token of appreciation for taking an active role in our joint future which could be, but doesn’t have to be related to the reviews themselves.

Owning the room

System administrators are a strange kind of people – we rely on them every day, and believe they can keep our sites up so we could continue doing what we do best. But the tricky part in sysadmin business is that very few people, if anyone, actually understands what and how they do their magic, and don’t really appreciate the work they put into it.

Well, at least until something bad happens – then all the blame goes to them. Every now and then, a downtime or a problem will occur, and they will be the ones that will have to both take the blame and fix the problem yesterday.

Since we are sysadmins ourselves, and have been in such situations countless times, we decided to tackle the problem by integrating world-class R1soft backups in Biscuit and offer it to our clients at an amazing price. Just look at this pricing:

  • Agent pricing: Free
  • Backup space: 20GB – $5/month
  • Backup space: 50GB – $10/month
  • Backup space: 100GB – $20/month
  • Backup space: 200GB – $40/month
  • Backup space: 500GB – $80/month

Oh, and forget about monthly snapshots, our minimum backup interval is set to 24 hours – yes, only 24 hours so you can be sure your data will be backed up at regular intervals that aren’t light years away from each other. These backups are rotated at 5-day intervals and, to complement, we also include 4 weekly backups so you can go back further in the past if needed. But if you need even more regular backups, this is what the pricing looks like per-agent:

  • 24 hours backup interval – Free
  • 12 hours backup interval – $5/month
  • 6 hours backup interval – $10/month
  • 2 hours backup interval – $15/month

Why do we offer backups at such an affordable price you ask? Because we want every one of you out there to use the backups. We want you to keep your data safe. Oh, and did we mention the backups are saved at an off-site location for even more magic points? Being paranoid as we are, we would even suggest keeping your own backups in addition to ours, just to be on the safe side.

C’est la vie, unless you have backups ready in case problems happen ;)

What do you think of our backup offerings? Do you like its integration with Biscuit? What would you like to see changed? Let us know, we want to hear from you!