December 24, 2013

by mario
Category: 6sync

Let's recap, once and for all!

For so many of you, this year has been magnificent. We have seen you grow from super small team of one to companies worthy if admiration. Every step of the way, we followed what you were doing, and continued working on our new platform. Yes, we kept talking about the new platform, and for a reason. We invested significant resources, including some young new people who brought fresh blood and ideas to the table.

Countless sleepless nights, countless talks with you, many tickets, basically no downtime, and continued investment in our relationship with you meant that we know what kind of chocolate some of you like, or how many kids you've got. We have never been an ordinary business, or an ordinary hosting company. We value our relationship with you, because we are like you.

Of course, all of this kept some of you worried - will these guys ever finish their new platform? It has been ages, and we heard you loud and clear. We know what you need because you told us, and we are very close to release.

The datacenter is ready for us. The hardware is in place. The network is in place. The software is undergoing final stages of testing.

Unlike every other year, you will not get a Christmas card from us this year. What you will get instead is our new platform, which brings significant improvements to the table. We hope you will like it, and that it will significantly help in boosting your business.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Mario, Rav and Sam!