December 24, 2013

by mario
Category: 6sync

Let's recap, once and for all!

For so many of you, this year has been magnificent. We have seen you grow from super small team of one to companies worthy if admiration. Every step of the way, we followed what you were doing, and continued working on our new platform. Yes, we kept talking about the new platform, and for a reason. We invested significant resources, including some young new people who brought fresh blood and ideas to the table.

Countless sleepless nights, countless talks with you, many tickets, basically no downtime, and continued investment in our relationship with you meant that we know what kind ...

April 17, 2013

by mario
Category: 6sync

Marching ahead!

At 6sync we have a strong and focused vision to perfect cloud computing. We want you to have powerful, reliable, and efficient cloud servers that you can depend on. But we also pride ourselves on providing exceptional value to you and continuously improving our service. As part of this, we are happy to announce upgrades across our entire product range to provide even better value:

  • Nano - 256MB RAM, 12GiB storage, 500GB transfer - USD $10
  • Mini - 512MB RAM, 20GB storage, 2TB transfer - USD $15
  • Kilo - 1GB RAM, 40GB storage, 3TB transfer - USD $30
  • Mega - 1536MB RAM, 60GB storage, 4TB transfer - USD ...

December 23, 2012

by mario
Category: 6sync

Holiday cheers

So its been another year.  And what a year it has been - we traveled all around, telling people of our small, but powerful community. We didn't blog a lot, but we tried to stay in contact with you via mail, twitter and especially irc. As always, we continue to listen for new ideas you guys have, even if it's not always obvious - you are our strength and the force that drives us to persist and innovate.

Not only you give us ideas and the will to go forward, but thanks to you we continue to grow at immense ...

December 24, 2011

by mario
Category: 6sync

Happy holidays!

Everyone here at 6sync wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We hope you will spend it in joy, and will be surrounded by the warmness of people's hearts.

We hope you like our small present - if you didn't receive it yet, you will eventually, unless the dog ate it or something :)

  • Mario & Rav

October 20, 2011

by mario
Category: 6sync

What is going on at 6sync?

In the past couple of weeks many of you approached us and asked what is going on since it has been unusually quiet at 6sync. Well, in a way, we are all happy that things are quiet, it means that there are no real problems and can focus on other things. On the other hand, it could be a sign of trouble - but not in this case, of course ;)

We are hard at work behind the counter of our bakery cooking something really great for all you guys. By constantly challenging ourselves and trying to improve our service, we hope ...

November 18, 2010

by mario
Category: 6sync

A moment to remember

It has been over 6 months now since we have decided to pursue a completely different strategy, a strategy that puts you, our friends in the center of our operation. While we were always proud of our customer service and performance of our virtual servers, we felt something was missing. It turns out, once we started listening to you more closely than ever, there are a lot of things you felt were needed to improve your experience.

6 months ago this blog or the entire community services offered to you weren't possible at all, and today I have the ...

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