December 23, 2012

by mario
Category: 6sync

Holiday cheers

So its been another year.  And what a year it has been - we traveled all around, telling people of our small, but powerful community. We didn't blog a lot, but we tried to stay in contact with you via mail, twitter and especially irc. As always, we continue to listen for new ideas you guys have, even if it's not always obvious - you are our strength and the force that drives us to persist and innovate.

Not only you give us ideas and the will to go forward, but thanks to you we continue to grow at immense rate. This did not go unnoticed - apart from the nice service we continue to provide, expect some nice surprises in the service offering next year that you will most definitely like.

Since we are going to be opening a couple of community positions early next year (article writers, screencast creators, community ambassadors), we hope some of you guys will start working with us more tightly than ever before.

For some, getting into hosting industry means buying a server, putting as much people as possible on it, and profiting. For us, hosting is about enabling you to create new value, to create your own businesses - and of course, its about passion that we have for our community. Yes, the product we built is super awesome, but what would an awesome product do without great community?

With holidays upon us, the entire team at 6sync would like to wish you a:

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Mario, Rav & Sam