April 18, 2011

by mario

Teleportation, blue hats and other matters

It has been a long time since we actually posted something on this blog - time really flies when you are having fun, and with all the interaction going on we just didn't have the time to write anything! But do not worry, behind the scenes our secret coding monkeys have been working hard to deliver you a new batch of awesomeness in the form of CentOS 5.6 template. Yes, that is right - starting today, you can deploy CentOS 5.6 biscuits that will appear in your cookie jar almost instantly.

If you have been running CentOS so far, goodness from 5.6 is only a "yum update" away.

But that is certainly not all - some weeks ago, we had our first (of many to come!) community meeting where we discussed a lot of nice things, and we really liked the feedback you gave us - you folks are made of pure awesome!

On to other matters, we have been giving away Portal2 for the last month and it is now time to announce the winners - please congratulate Barry Morrison and Shawn Hampton - we hope to see you in co-op soon! Sadly, we were not able to get Portal2 copies for all of our customers, but we hope to play with you online as well!

As we march forward into the dark, we could not be more grateful to each one of you. It is you that constantly drive us forward to rethink the way we do things and innovate, and the stories of our community, performance and support are becoming legendary.

'Till next time, live long and prosper.