May 03, 2011

by mario

On 6 baskets, cookies and gifts

It is no secret that we are very proud of the service we provide to our customers. Indeed, I am often afraid to call the people with whom I communicate daily our customers, because I know their names, I know what they like, what games they play, or the editor they prefer. From twitter, to IRC and our (still underpopulated) forums we really try to show that we care for you in every possible way, and that you are in safe hands even if something goes wrong.

We know that you like us too, you've showed that numerous times with your comments, suggestions and constructive criticism, and other people are slowly starting to see the benefits of joining 6sync family because of you. Amazing performance, wicked cool management panel, support that really cares are just some of the superlatives you folks have given us, and we really appreciate it - we are here for you, because of you.

At 6sync we understand there are some people who have not yet found us or need some kind of incentive to join us. So we came up with a plan that will help our current clients, our future clients, and us: if you move  your servers to 6, and cancel the service with your current provider during the month we'll give you the second month free. Yup, that's right - free second month to ease the migration. We don't care if  you  are currently on Slicehost, Linode, Webbynode, VPS.Net, EC2, or any other provider out there - we will welcome everyone who is not evil.

Remember, this offer is only valid during May so you better grab a chance and move your baskets to the most phenomenal cookies provider under the sun.