January 16, 2011

by mario

New frontiers

Few days ago we sent out a newsletter to every one of our clients that contained summary of the achievements we made together, plans for this year, and even introduced some perks for our customers. So while its definitely not the first announcement of this, allow me to introduce two very special initiatives that we've cooked up for you:

  • Spread the word and save
  • Client referrals scheme: 20% credit

We are sure you always wanted to tell your friends, and not-really-friends how you feel about 6sync on your blog, forums, skyscraper or whatever else tickles your fancy - so we came up with a great plan: if you do it, we will give you $5 as a token of appreciation. It can be good, bad, or ugly - we appreciate any kind of feedback, and for your effort and investment in our joint future, we will credit your account with $5. Not a lot, but can put a smile on someones face at times.

The second news is the most amazing clients referral scheme in existence today (no, not really - but its still cool!) - if you refer a friend, an enemy or an animal, they sign up for one of our existing VPS packages and they stay here for at least three months, you will get a rocking 20% credit based on their VPS plan - isn't that just pure awesome?

For those of you using Biscuit, you can find your new unique "referral code" under your Client profile. So what are you waiting for? Spread the word already! :)

Note: Since a few of you have told us that our $5 initiative could be against rules of a certain forum, we would just like to say that we are in no way paying for reviews of our service - what we are doing is granting you a small token of appreciation for taking an active role in our joint future which could be, but doesn't have to be related to the reviews themselves.