November 23, 2010

by mario
Category: 6sync, Biscuit

Introducing IPs and some more

This quote comes from one of our valued community members nicknamed macdotnub. While we like to keep the new things that are being worked on to ourselves until they are completely ready for public consumption, it is no secret that we have often teased people on various mediums about the new functionalities and we will continue to do that in the foreseeable future.

One of such features we were working on recently is the addition of IP address management. What that means is that you are now able to request additional IPs, making your VPS much more suitable for various usages. Being a scarce resource, we have put some limits that correspond to your plan size as follows:

  1. Nano - 1 IPs
  2. Mini - 2 IPs
  3. Kilo - 2 IPs
  4. Mega - 3 IPs
  5. Giga - 3 IPs
  6. Tera - 4 IPs
  7. Peta - 4 IPs
  8. Exa - 6 IPs

While these are hard limits, we are quite reasonable people, and can in certain cases grant exceptions to the limits mentioned above. In any case, you will need to provide a valid justification for additional IPs.

With the addition of this important functionality, we have opened the doors to a lot of other things you have asked from us, including the availability of various control panels like cPanel or DirectAdmin. While we do not have an ETA on them, rest assured this is something we are actively looking at, and will have it implemented in due time.

The way IPs work is a bit different from what you might be used to - we don't assume you are stupid, and instead of auto-magically adding IPs to your VPS, we send you an email with the instructions on how to add it manually. The reason why we took this approach is because it gives us an enourmous flexibility to attach new IPs to your VPS without requiring a reboot, a functionality that we believe nobody else can offer at this time.

Do you like it? Will you take advantage of the new functionality? Do you need more IPs? Let us know, we want to hear from you!