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Let’s recap, once and for all!

For so many of you, this year has been magnificent. We have seen you grow from super small team of one to companies worthy if admiration. Every step of the way, we followed what you were doing, and continued working on our new platform. Yes, we kept talking about the new platform, and for a reason. We invested significant resources, including some young new people who brought fresh blood and ideas to the table.

Countless sleepless nights, countless talks with you, many tickets, basically no downtime, and continued investment in our relationship with you meant that we know what kind of chocolate some of you like, or how many kids you’ve got. We have never been an ordinary business, or an ordinary hosting company. We value our relationship with you, because we are like you.

Of course, all of this kept some of you worried – will these guys ever finish their new platform? It has been ages, and we heard you loud and clear. We know what you need because you told us, and we are very close to release.

The datacenter is ready for us. The hardware is in place. The network is in place. The software is undergoing final stages of testing.

Unlike every other year, you will not get a Christmas card from us this year. What you will get instead is our new platform, which brings significant improvements to the table. We hope you will like it, and that it will significantly help in boosting your business.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Mario, Rav and Sam!

Marching ahead!

At 6sync we have a strong and focused vision to perfect cloud computing. We want you to have powerful, reliable, and efficient cloud servers that you can depend on. But we also pride ourselves on providing exceptional value to you and continuously improving our service. As part of this, we are happy to announce upgrades across our entire product range to provide even better value:

  • Nano – 256MB RAM, 12GiB storage, 500GB transfer – USD $10
  • Mini – 512MB RAM, 20GB storage, 2TB transfer – USD $15
  • Kilo – 1GB RAM, 40GB storage, 3TB transfer – USD $30
  • Mega – 1536MB RAM, 60GB storage, 4TB transfer – USD $45
  • Giga – 2GB RAM, 80GB storage, 5TB transfer – USD $60
  • Tera – 3GB RAM, 120GB storage, 5TB transfer – USD $90
  • Peta – 4GB RAM, 160GB storage, 5TB transfer – USD $120
  • Exa – 8GB RAM, 320GB storage 5TB transfer – USD $240

These changes are effective immediately for both new and existing customers.

We hope you will enjoy your newly acquired power, and will continue to support us as we redefine the cloud computing landscape. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via support ticket or shoot an email to

Holiday cheers

So its been another year.  And what a year it has been – we traveled all around, telling people of our small, but powerful community. We didn’t blog a lot, but we tried to stay in contact with you via mail, twitter and especially irc. As always, we continue to listen for new ideas you guys have, even if it’s not always obvious – you are our strength and the force that drives us to persist and innovate.

Not only you give us ideas and the will to go forward, but thanks to you we continue to grow at immense rate. This did not go unnoticed – apart from the nice service we continue to provide, expect some nice surprises in the service offering next year that you will most definitely like.

Since we are going to be opening a couple of community positions early next year (article writers, screencast creators, community ambassadors), we hope some of you guys will start working with us more tightly than ever before.

For some, getting into hosting industry means buying a server, putting as much people as possible on it, and profiting. For us, hosting is about enabling you to create new value, to create your own businesses – and of course, its about passion that we have for our community. Yes, the product we built is super awesome, but what would an awesome product do without great community?

With holidays upon us, the entire team at 6sync would like to wish you a:


Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


Mario, Rav & Sam

Spread the word and win some prizes!

Are you already our customer, or about to become one? Maybe you always wanted to become a part of our family, but never had a good reason to apart from our awesome service and great community? Or maybe, just maybe, you are already part of our always-expanding army of evangelists? Whoever you are and wherever you are, we are calling on you because we need you and have prepared some prizes for the bravest, for the fittest and the just plain lucky!

Think of ways that you can spread the word about 6sync and our service, actually do it and send us a notification (mario AT of how and what you did, and why did you decide to do it exactly that way. The chefs behind 6sync will decide on 8 best evangelist campaigns, and those that we deem the best will receive a Dota2 invite on Steam – 3 invites are reserved for new customers, and 5 are left for our existing customers that implement an evangelist campaign. The best campaign will also win our Kilo package (1GB RAM, 2vCPU, 40GB HDD, 600GiB) for entire 6 months. Today – all of you are our evangelists, make us proud!

P.S. Twitter hash for this promotion is #8evangelists

New OS templates and updates

Few days ago we hinted our irc and twitter communities about upcoming changes to our template offering. Today, we are happy to announce addition of Ubuntu 12.10 template, as well as updates to CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu 12.04 templates which are now very fresh! We hope you enjoy using them as we are committed to keeping our templates offering up-to-date and stable.

New Biscuit is still in development, and incorporates many of the ideas you guys have been telling us about over the course of the last few years. We will keep you in the loop as development progresses.

Ubuntu 12.04 is here!

Ubuntu 12.04 is now available!

I know a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting this new release so we
are please to announced we have freshly baked new Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise
Pangolin) images available for immediate deployment. Along with a slew
of updated packages comes Linux [kernel] version 3.2.

But most exciting of all, this release is special as it is a “long-term
support” (LTS) edition. In English, that means this new version of
Ubuntu will be supported and actively maintained for a whopping 5 years!
For this reason we highly recommend it for all new Ubuntu server


Happy holidays!

Everyone here at 6sync wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We hope you will spend it in joy, and will be surrounded by the warmness of people’s hearts.

We hope you like our small present – if you didn’t receive it yet, you will eventually, unless the dog ate it or something :)

- Mario & Rav

What is going on at 6sync?

In the past couple of weeks many of you approached us and asked what is going on since it has been unusually quiet at 6sync. Well, in a way, we are all happy that things are quiet, it means that there are no real problems and can focus on other things. On the other hand, it could be a sign of trouble – but not in this case, of course ;)

We are hard at work behind the counter of our bakery cooking something really great for all you guys. By constantly challenging ourselves and trying to improve our service, we hope to provide you with  even better performance and resilience, while delivering breakthroughs in value and flexibility.

A lot of nice things are happening, and everything is moving along nicely. We will keep you posted – in the mean time, enjoy your stay at 6sync and don’t forget to tell your friends about us.

Updated flavors! Arch and Gentoo

Just a quick note.. our Arch Linux images have been updated to nice fresh 2011.08 versions to coincide with the new Arch 2011.08 installation media. Since Arch Linux is a rolling release the old (2010.05) images were very long in the tooth so this is a nice refresh. A few highlights include the new Linux 3.0 kernel and updated rc.conf format.

Similarly, our Gentoo templates are also due for an update and will be hitting Biscuit very soon! We’ll update this post as soon they hit.


New flavor available, you cookie lovers!

The release of CentOS 6 was something we eagerly anticipated, not only because of its many new features and fixes, and fresh new packages, but also because it brings even more benefits to each and every one of us that love virtualization.

Here at 6sync we have been busy the last few weeks with testing, testing and some more testing of the new CentOS 6 release, and now that its finally announced by the CentOS team, we can’t be more happy and proud to offer you CentOS 6 image. CentOS 6 replaces CentOS 5 as the preferred deployment option if CentOS is your thing, but we will be supporting CentOS 5 in Biscuit for quite some time as well.

Some of the new features include ext4 (think, blazing fast performance), newer kernel, updated PHP and various other pieces of software that will make your life better, faster and more reliable.

We hope you will be enjoying this brand new CentOS release, and as always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us should you have any questions.